A downloadable game for Windows

MadVentures is a game about exploration and survival in a world created by players like you. This demo is set on the starting island to showcase the mechanics, the controls and the physic of the game.

  • Immersive VR game-play and controls
  • 3 different vehicles to control, fly and drive
  • Realistic walking, running, jumping and swimming mechanics
  • Climb and jump everywhere

The game is currently in development and we have exciting new content coming up soon. Keep yourself updated by joining our discord server!

We are currently working on a Desert theme island as well as the editor to allow players to create their own island.


MadVentures - DEMO - 0.4.14 - SteamVR - Windows
MadVentures - DEMO - 0.4.14 - Oculus - Windows 797 MB


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Great work.

It just looks like a construction site to start but it's so much more when you explore.

The graphics are excellent and you can interact with everything - climb buildings, operate machinery, drive vehicles. Don't worry, I crashed the helicopter into the sea (by accident) but luckily another appeared!

Thanks a lot for the feedback dobsy!

If you had to choose, which gameplay would you say fits the most with this demo?

  1. Exploration / Adventure (island discovery, treasure hunt, trekking)
  2. Exploration / Survival (volcanos, sharks, snakes, traps)
  3. Construction / Island editor (create terrain, buildings and share your island)

I would say the current demo is 'Exploration/Adventure' although I like the idea of having snakes, sharks and traps (and a volcano) in a future version.